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The Hessen Mobility Cluster

Mobility and transport are essential for open societies and developed economies. Hubs where transport routes intersect, where material and informal exchange is possible for mutual benefit and with little effort, are of particular importance and create locational advantages. Hesse has been able to benefit in many ways from its function as a hub, as a transit state and as a hub for national and international passenger and freight transport. The transport hub forms an essential basis for the federal state’s economic success and prosperity. However, growing traffic levels and increased demands on mobility are also placing increasing social and ecological stresses on the state.

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The Hessen Mobility Cluster in the Cluster@HOLM …

  • …works on the basis of an integrated and systemic approach: energy and transport transition, resource efficiency, infrastructure and digitalisation form the basis for an economically successful, socially responsible and environmentally sound mobility of the future
  • …continuously analyses current research results, technical innovations and social aspects of mobility for networking and knowledge transfer within the cluster
  • … organises expert circles, webinars and annual conferences addressing the topics of “Ethics of mobility”, “Quantum computing in aviation, logistics and mobility”, “AutoMOBIL network” and “Mobility infrastructure, mobility as a service and design” for networking between stakeholders, knowledge transfer and the development of project ideas
  • … organises participation in trade fairs and congresses, increases the presence and visibility of cluster members and profiles Hesse as one of the most important hubs for passenger and data transport in the national and European context
  • … Works with numerous partners from science, business, politics and civil society to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges of mobility for the future, to create acceptance for innovations, bring attention to scientific mobility research and create opportunities for the mobility industry
  • … also sees itself as a platform for municipalities and rural districts to share pioneering mobility and transport projects and as a mediator of expertise
  • … works with the working group “Ethics of Mobility” to accompany the annual conference “Ethics of Mobility – How much transport can we still take responsibility for?”, which addresses issues of individual and corporate responsibility in the context of transport development, energy and resource consumption and climate change and makes recommendations


HOLM’s premium partners YUNEX Traffic and VGF are involved in the Hessen Mobility cluster.

Close cooperation partners include MoWiN.net, the German eMobility Association, Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen GmbH, the Hesse State Energy Agency and the FrankfurtRhineMain Regional Association.

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Sascha Barthel