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Available space

HOLM’s available space is aimed at tenants from science and business. It is used by corporations for certain departments that are often open to cooperation, by SMEs and start-ups, by universities, research institutions and associations. For some tenants, HOLM is the sole or main headquarters for their respective company, while others run an additional office here in order to actively participate in the HOLM network and maintain a presence in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region.

Our workspaces are spread over 6 floors. There are private office spaces, open-plan offices and team zones, co-working spaces, open-plan areas for innovation labs or showrooms. There are attractive, open networking areas on all routes between our workspaces, which promote dialogue and networking with other tenants and guests within the building.

Depending on requirements, the rental spaces are can come furnished or customised. Rental terms can be flexible depending on how long you need the space, how large it is and on your options.

HOLM’s unique architecture provides tenants with exceptional opportunities. Our services round off the attractive offer for logistics and mobility players.


Special Tenancy

Special Tenancy is another funding programme available at the HOLM. It aims to promote the establishment of universities and equivalent teaching and research institutions at HOLM.
State or state-recognised private universities and non-university, non-profit or at least partially public research institutions with a corresponding specialist focus are eligible to apply.

Auditorium in der HOLM GmbH mit Bestuhlung Sicht auf Whiteboard

One of the following requirements must be met for you to be eligible for our tenant settlement programme:

  • You have special scientific achievements in fields relevant to logistics and mobility:
    – You are in receipt of an award or funding for the project or business unit by an institution promoting science or by a federal or state ministry
    – You are in receipt of an award or approval for the project or business unit as part of a competition or ranking procedure relating to the subject area or project at least on a national level
  • With regard to the promotion of teaching and study projects in the field of logistics and/or mobility:
    – You are developing and implementing a new, innovative study programme with special interdisciplinarity and practical relevance, which is aimed at students who have already obtained at least a first professionally qualifying degree
    – You are developing and implementing innovative teaching projects that aim to improve student education through particular practical relevance
  • Considerable interest on the part of the state, provided that there is space available and there are no other reasons against making use of HOLM funding
    – Usages should primarily relate to topics that form part of the respective valid HOLM research agenda