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Contact Persons

Our team combines different professions and disciplines, diverse professional experience, experts with a wealth of experience and curious young professionals. Whether it’s contact persons from innovation and network management, contacts from the public transport lab or persons responsible for human resources, property managers or project managers from event management – take advantage of the direct line to your contact person from our team.

Benjamin Wierling

Mara Weiß

Julia Rasp

Dr. Axel Jacob

Marc Buchholz

Richard Gornig

Dr. Franziska Wouters

Stefan Behnke

Stéphane Kouassi

Eva-Maria Vorndran

Tom Bergmann

Daniela Claassen

Anke Neumann

Niklas Butz

Sascha Barthel

Jana Eisert

Susanne Theilacker

Jaydan Pheilam Vajagic

Günther Boos

Diane Gerlach

Kerstin Bitterer

Carmen Worch

Bent Nowack

Michael Kadow

Samira Sözener

Bastian Krampen