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Cluster@HOLM is the joint umbrella brand of the Hessen Logistics, Hessen Mobility and Hessen Aviation Clusters. They support business, science, politics and civil society to increase Hesse’s competitiveness as a business location and secure jobs and prosperity for the future. The clusters make their contribution by generating knowledge, sharing knowledge and enabling and promoting economically viable and ecologically responsible innovations in the transport sector (in the sense of transporting people, goods and information).

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Cluster@HOLM …

  • … creates the basis and framework for interdisciplinary and cross-industry cooperation in the HOLM fields of action with the Logistics, Mobility and Aviation industries as a means of creating added value for all stakeholders.
  • … connects players from business, science, politics and society, promotes the transfer of knowledge, organises knowledge management and provides an overview of the latest research, technological innovations, international framework conditions that are binding under international law and state regulations at the European and national level in the fields of logistics, mobility and aviation.
  • … uses formats such as cluster brunches, expert dialogues, annual conferences, deep dives and lectures to impart knowledge, provide ideas, increase the orientation and capacity for action of cluster members and to further expand the cluster for the benefit of its members.
  • … uses the formats to create an innovation-friendly environment in which project ideas can develop before they are adopted and promoted by HOLM Project Management.
  • … refers cluster members to the HOLM innovation funding programme for obtaining financial support for suitable projects.
  • … participates in trade fairs, exhibitions and congresses, organises joint appearances and increases the visibility of its cluster members at national and international level.
  • … documents and presents the innovations, achievements and contributions of cluster members at the national level and promotes the further development of their reputation.

Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Logistics

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Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Logistics
Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Mobility

Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Mobility

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Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Aviation

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Cluster@HOLM: Hessen Aviation

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