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Hessen Logistics – the network for the logistics and transport industry

Increasing complexity in logistics services is creating highly complex, fragmented value chains involving a diverse set of players. Transport chains are so complex that they are only partially understood by many players, and there is an increasing lack of knowledge with regard to understanding upstream and downstream links in the transport chain.

The Hessen Logistics cluster provides companies (especially SMEs), universities, research institutions and start-ups with countless networking opportunities along logistical value chains. Through events and deep dives, Hessen Logistics promotes the transfer of knowledge and dialogue between stakeholders and experts from various specialist areas and sparks new ideas for its cluster members.
A lack of knowledge can make logistics systems susceptible to disruption, as complex systems do not react immediately to global challenges and transformation processes and therefore have decisive disadvantages when it comes to surviving global, cut-throat competition.
Hessen Logistics makes use of existing synergy effects between players and builds sustainable synergies between players as a means of promoting innovative solutions.

The focus of the cluster’s work lies in strengthening combined transport and sustainable commercial transport as well as digitalisation and data management in logistics.

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Hessen Logistics’ activities can be grouped into three categories:

  • Networking and knowledge transfer
    – Our network connects companies, from corporations to SMEs and start-ups, universities and research institutions
    – Hessen Logistics forms part of HOLM’s organisation and infrastructure: meaning that cluster partners can easily use event spaces at an extremely attractive location
    – Members can take part in various event and networking formats that enable thematic, interdisciplinary dialogue on selected key topics in logistics
    – Hessen Logistics works together with other cluster initiatives from Hessen and Germany and regularly shares ideas in the German Logistics Initiatives Working Group
    – Hessen Logistics works closely with the Hessen Mobility and Hessen Aviation clusters, for instance, to organise joint Cluster@HOLM events
  • Marketing and public relations work
    – Hessen Logistics organises joint booths in Hesse and enables its partners to concentrate on their core business at trade fairs: making valuable business contacts and concluding business deals
    – Members of Hessen Logistics benefit from exclusive terms
    – Hessen Logistics is present at leading international trade fairs, such as transport logistic in Munich and Hypermotion in Frankfurt, and also takes part in many other industry events
  • Project initiation
    – Advisory services within the scope of promoting innovation at HOLM
    – Support with the search for cooperation partners and project ideas within the Hessen Logistics and HOLM GmbH network
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our contact for the Hessen Logistics Cluster

Dr. Axel Jacob

These members are involved in the Hessen Logistics Cluster.