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Wingcopter GmbH

Managing Director(s): Jonathan Hesselbarth (CTO), Tom Plümmer (CEO), Ansgar Kadura (CSO)
HOLM Funding Period: 2017-2019

Wingcopter is an award-winning German manufacturer of unmanned eVTOL fixed-wing drones, dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world through meaningful commercial and humanitarian operations. The start-up from Weiterstadt, Germany focuses on delivering medical goods as well as parcels and food.

The electrically powered Wingcopters surpass the range and payload capabilities of commercial multicopter drones thanks to their unique, patented tiltrotor mechanism. Wingcopters can take off and land vertically in the smallest of spaces, as well as fly long distances just as efficiently and quickly as fixed-wing aircraft. This allows them to travel distances of up to 120 kilometres and at a Guinness World Record speed of 240 kilometres per hour. Wingcopters fly autonomously and reliably, even in strong winds of up to 70 km/h or bad weather.

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Wingcopter GmbH