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Go Kidogo

Managing Director(s): Rinku Sharma, Alexander Vizi
HOLM Funding Period: 2024-2026

Go Kidogo Deutschland GmbH is committed to combating the use of disposable packaging and excessive packaging waste in the event catering industry. Many caterers, restaurants and canteens around the world use disposable packaging which causes considerable damage to the environment.

The start-up from Frankfurt am Main has developed an innovative deposit system for event catering and offers high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions for to-go meals and drinks.

The Go Kidogo app enables users to order their meals easily and without disposable packaging waste at various events such as football matches and concerts. The reusable containers are produced in Germany, are made of high-quality polybutylene terephthalate and can be recycled up to 22 times.

The company’s idea not only reduces packaging waste, but also avoids emissions caused by long delivery routes of disposable packaging, for example from Asia.

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Go Kidogo