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sigo GmbH

Managing Director(s): Tobias Lochen, Thorsten Näbig
HOLM Funding Period: 2017-2019

The Darmstadt-based company sigo GmbH is one of the first system providers for renting e-cargo bikes and provides the city with a sustainable transport solution. The start-up provides a complete solution for sharing. Users can rent the e-cargo bikes around the clock using an app and charges for using the service are taken by a secure, contactless payment system at the company’s own stations, to which the bikes are also permanently connected. The company has developed the comfortable and robust two-wheelers specifically for the purpose of sharing.

Cooperation with business customers, including some of the largest players in the housing industry, plays a key role in terms of the business model. They provide space for the stations, making it easier for service users to go shopping or take a family outing to the countryside.

The company was founded in May 2017 by Tobias Lochen. The first site was opened in Darmstadt in February 2020, in cooperation with Nassauische Heimstätte. The e-cargo bikes can now be rented in Frankfurt, Bochum, Hanover, Neuss, Solingen and Wiesbaden, among other locations. Further stations are currently being built.

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sigo GmbH