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Managing Director(s): Christian Wolff

Co-founder(s): Christian Wolff, Rico Förster
HOLM Funding Period: 2022–2024

PRIOjet GmbH, based in Hamburg, manages the PRIOjet Logistics platform – the operating system for initiating, organising and processing orders for highly time-critical shipments using on-board couriers. This makes PRIOjet the trusted partner for logistics agencies, logistics and customs service providers, on-board couriers and companies with highly urgent international transport requirements. With its software-as-a-service offering and German data protection standards, PRIOjet Logistics helps all parties involved in the process around the globe to process their emergency logistics orders faster, more securely and more cost-effectively.

This benefits companies, logistics agencies and courier companies which often have an unexpected urgent need for time-critical transport and require a quick and professional solution to their problem. The PRIOjet logistics platform allows companies to place orders with their established network of logistics agencies. Order placement, quotation generation and real-time shipment tracking are seamlessly integrated into the logistics process.   Logistics agencies can use the platform to directly contact and instruct the most suitable and available on-board courier from their network, calculate the order, send the offer to their customer within minutes, integrate additional service providers and fulfil the order with real-time tracking. Together with on-board couriers, the order is processed in a highly professional manner and the accompanying documents and the status of the shipment are securely exchanged with the customer. This ensures that the consignment reaches its destination as quickly and smoothly as possible.

On-board couriers can upload their profile with all data and documents to PRIOjet Logistics. It is possible to share the real-time status of current and future availability with connected logistics agencies at any time. Couriers also have access to a lively on-board courier community.

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