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mein Schlemmerdepot

Managing Director(s): Daniel Kropp
HOLM Funding Period: 2018-2020

“mein Schlemmerdepot” is developing a new, US-patented marketing concept and delivers top-quality, fresh food and other delicacies nationwide. Managing Director Daniel Kropp’s aim is to make regional food sold at online farmers’ markets available around the clock at his fully automated and air-conditioned goods depot – the Schlemmerdepot (or gourmet depot). “mein Schlemmerdepot” will reduce logistics costs to such an extent that an unbroken cold chain will be created along the entire transport route. This will also provide small and family businesses with the option to sell their goods around the clock throughout Germany in the future.

Impressions of the “gourmet depot” on YouTube

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mein Schlemmerdepot