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HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH

HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH

Managing Director(s): Maximilian Wack (CEO and Founder)
Co-founder(s): Silas Hofmann (CTO and Co-founder), Jonas Kahl (CIO and Co-founder), Daniel Mescheryakov (CDO and Co-founder)
HOLM Funding Period: 2023–2025

HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH aims to contribute to sustainable mobility by developing industrial vehicles with a hydrogen-powered hybrid drivetrain.

As the energy source of the future, hydrogen provides a variety of advantages in terms of its application and paves the way towards cleaner mobility. At present, however, the existing drive solutions for hydrogen-powered vehicles are highly cost-intensive as well as being not very sustainable in terms of production.

This is where HTM comes in: the Arzbach-based start-up’s aim is to provide low-cost hydrogen mobility for a wide range of industries in the future with its innovative modular drivetrain system. The focus here is on minimising the carbon footprint – from production to operation and recycling. HTM aims to achieve this by combining hydrogen combustion engines with hybrid support.

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HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH