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Managing Director(s): Dominik Dostert, Moritz Lenhardt, Johannes Weber, Ilker Yenice
HOLM Funding Period: 2023-2025

Ceres has developed a plastic-free and fully compostable filling material for parcel shipping based on straw as an ecological alternative to environmentally damaging void fill air pillows made from plastic, kraft paper or polystyrene packing chips.

As a filling material, straw has good insulating properties, insulates thermally, absorbs liquids and is available in large quantities as an unused agricultural waste material. The filling material is also easy to integrate into existing processes in the shipping industry. The straw is cleaned during the manufacturing process to prevent allergic reactions and shipped products becoming contaminated.

Shipping protection can be made more eco-friendly in future thanks to this start-up’s sustainable concept.

Please see the company’s website for further information

Images: Ceres