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CargoSteps GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Director(s): Rachid Touzani, Tom Anyz, Murat Karakaya
HOLM Funding Period: 2017-2019

CargoSteps is cross-company Track & Trace software that proactively provides all parties in the supply chain with real-time status information. CargoSteps helps haulage companies and carriers to run at capacity by checking routes, time frames, resources and training as well as certificates in real time, thereby automatically generating return loads using Track & Trace software. CargoSteps is constantly being developed.

CargoSteps and Sovereign Speed GmbH are joint founders of LogTech Accelerators HAUS61. Please see www.haus61.com for more information

CargoSteps has also developed an automated station, the Cargobox, in cooperation with LUG aircargo handling GmbH, that is used to collect small goods and consequently speed up handling at warehouses.

Another project involving various partners is the autonomous Smart Air Cargo Trailer (SAT), which uses cameras to capture multiple barcodes during loading and unloading and then feeds them into CargoSteps’ central platform. The aim of the Smart Air Cargo Trailer research project at Frankfurt’s CargoCitySouth is to transport air freight consignments autonomously and in line with demand between haulage companies and air carriers. Details on this can be found on the website and on YouTube.

Please see the company’s website for further information.


CargoSteps GmbH & Co. KG