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FUN − Flexibel! Unbeschwert! Nachhaltig!


Schwarzes Symbol für einen E-Scooter.
  • Project period: 10/2023 to 03/2025
  • Funded by: German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)
  • Partners: House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbH and Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH


Micro mobility means when short distances are covered with mostly electrically motorized small vehicles. Typical vehicles include e-scooters, pedelecs and Segways. Micro mobility has the potential to contribute to environmental protection. The objective of the “FUN – Flexible! Carefree! Sustainable!” project is to increase motivation for micro mobility and to convey an understanding of all its facets.

To this end, the project funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) aims to implement a networking space for stakeholders and bring micro mobility solutions closer to the public. The networking space is being created on the digital HOLM innovation platform. This platform for integrated micro mobility is intended to promote exchange between the stakeholders. The mobility solutions will be mediated by the two project partners HOLM GmbH and Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH via so-called experience spaces, where various types of micro mobility can be tested with curiosity and fun. The experience space organized by Innovationsmanufaktur is planned in Berlin, while the experience space organized by HOLM GmbH is scheduled for 20 April 2024 as part of the Fulda.mobil.erleben event.


The official project kick-off will take place on 12 March 2024 at HOLM in Frankfurt am Main, with the two project partners, the DBU and other stakeholders in attendance.


Contacts at HOLM GmbH are Carmen Worch and Julia Rasp.



Photo by JavyGo from Unsplash

Frau fährt mit einem E-Scooter im Straßenverkehr.